GNA Official: Misrata’s Epidemiological Situation is Extremely Critical


A member of the Government of National Accord’s (GNA) Supreme Committee to Combat Coronavirus, Khalil Al-Agha, revealed that the epidemiological situation in the city of Misrata is very dangerous due to the increasing number of people infected with coronavirus.

He stressed that isolation centres cannot contain large numbers of people infected with coronavirus, as their numbers increase daily.

Al-Agha added, in a media statement, that the largest percentage of coronavirus deaths are those with chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and kidney problems.

He explained that the problem reflected the lack of special care for people with chronic diseases, because of a lack of medical staff.

He pointed out that most of those infected with the virus did not show symptoms of the disease until ten days later, that is, after going on with their daily life.

He also pointed to another problem reflecting people’s lack of awareness about the extent of the disaster. In fact, there are far more people in contact with infected cases than people with the coronavirus itself, which shows that people do not maintain social distance.

Al-Agha pointed out that the most prominent symptom appearing on a person with coronavirus is a lack of oxygen in the blood.

He concluded by saying that the number of cases of coronavirus in the medical teams reached between 30 to 35 cases, including about 15 cases in the Supreme Committee for Disease Control, four cases in the laboratory, and 10 among doctors.