Libyan MP Comments on Libyans Illegally Migrating to Europe.


The Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the Libyan Parliament, Yusef Al-Agouri, explained that a number of Libyan youths risked their lives, and crossed the Mediterranean to reach the shores of southern Europe.

The MP indicated that he acknowledged the complex circumstances that youths are living through, which is forcing them into desperate and dangerous actions. He added that “Woefully, youth are risking their lives to obtain basic rights, that they are supposed to have in their own country.”

Al-Agouri stressed the need for the government to give priority to the youth issue and to adopt urgent measures to increase job opportunities and improve living conditions. “The greater participation of youth in the political, economic, and social fields is a national challenge, and it is everyone’s responsibility, without exception,” he said.

Al-Agouri stressed that Libya should not neglect its youth wealth, which is the basis of any project for the development, and advancement of the country.