Al-Thinni Discusses Situation with Sheikhs and Elders of Al-Jufra


The Prime Minister of the eastern-based Interim Government, Abdullah Al-Thinni, met elders and sheikhs of the Al-Jufra municipality. This was in the presence of Ismail Al-Sharif, a lawmaker in the Libyan Parliament.

The meeting was attended by Minister of Local Government, Adel Al-Zaidi, Minister of Health, Saad Agoub, and several members of the municipality’s steering council. They discussed the needs of the Al-Jufra municipality in all service sectors. The meeting concluded by defining targets and urgent projects, as well as how to implement them through the Southern Stability Committee.

The meeting also discussed the necessary needs for the entire region, as Prime Minister Al-Thinni stated that the government is doing its best to provide services for citizens.