Al-Haliq: Reopening of Oil Ports is Evidence of Goodwill and Response to International Efforts


The tribal leader in charge of the oil and gas sector in Libya’s Supreme Council of Sheikhs, Sheikh Al-Senussi Al-Haliq, said that the decision of the Libyan National Army (LNA) General Command to reopen oil fields is at its first stage. This only concerns the disposal of oil crude and gas stocks.

In a statement to Al-Ain News, Al-Haliq added that this step indicates a gesture of goodwill, and was a response to the serious international efforts to find a solution to the crisis in Libya.

Al-Haliq indicated that the Supreme Council had previously announced a list of demands and requirements to reopen the oil fields. The Council authorized the Libyan Parliament and the LNA to negotiate on behalf of the Libyan tribes.

He also pointed out that the decision to open all oil fields and wells depends on the seriousness of international efforts, as well as the decisions and assessments of state institutions represented by the General Command and the Parliament.

The Oil Facilities Guard announced on Tuesday, a decision to reopen the country’s oil ports and resume oil exports, after months of closure.

Libya is politically divided between two rival authorities in the east and the west, vying for control of the country.