Parliament Speaker Ageela Saleh Calls for Immediate Ceasefire in Libya


On Friday, the Speaker of the Libyan Parliament, Ageela Saleh, called for an immediate ceasefire and stop to all fighting operations all over the country.

“Based on the national responsibility and the current situation imposed on the country and region by the deterioration of the economic conditions, the inability to finance the service sectors, the spread of the Coronavirus, and the required mobilisation of capabilities and efforts to confront it, the Speaker of Parliament requests an immediate ceasefire for all fighting operations throughout the country,” Saleh said in a statement.

“We look forward to a ceasefire that makes the city of Sirte a temporary headquarters for the new Presidential Council. This will bring together all Libyans and gets them closer to each other. Official security police from various regions will secure the city in preparation for the unification of state institutions as a basic consensual stage of construction, provided that the military arrangements are completed in accordance with the military negotiation track (5+5) under the auspices of the UN mission. We will be committed to the latter’s outputs as soon as they are agreed upon and officially announced,” the statement added.

Saleh confirmed that “the ceasefire blocks the way for any foreign military interventions and ends with the expulsion of mercenaries and the dismantling of militias in order to achieve the restoration of full national sovereignty.”

“We put emphasis on preserving the capabilities of the Libyan people, the resumption of oil production and export as well as the freezing of such revenues in the account of the Libyan Foreign Bank. Such funds are not to be disposed of until a political settlement is reached in accordance with the Berlin outputs and the Cairo Declaration, under the auspices of UN mission, the American administration, and the countries supporting peace and stability in Libya in order to achieve justice and transparency,” he added.

“We seek to transcend the past, turn the conflict and fighting pages, look to the future, and build the state through an electoral process in accordance with the constitution. We want to launch a comprehensive national reconciliation as a basis for building the nation, ensuring its stability, and establishing the rule of law for a society of tolerance in which the rights of everyone to participate and express opinion as well as disagreement are recognised by peaceful means. In such a society, opportunities are available for everyone without marginalisation or exclusion,” Parliament Speaker concluded.