Russia Calls For Fair Distribution of Oil Revenues in Libya


Russia’s Foreign Ministry welcomed the decision to “resume activity in the Libyan oil industry,” on the 16th of August.

In a press conference, the spokeswoman for the Russian MoFA, Maria Zakharova, stressed the need to distribute oil export revenues with “transparency and fairness, among the regions of the country and in the interest of the entire Libyan people.”

Zakharova highlighted the importance of restaring the hydrocarbon industry as it remains the primary source of revenue for Libya. She indicated that the Libyan economy suffered losses exceeding 8 billion USD, as a result of the “blockade” imposed on the oil field production, and the suspension of exports. Zakharova confirmed that the Russian diplomatic mission in Libya was not active, but around 40 Russian citizens remained living in Libya.

On Tuesday, the Oil Facilities Guard announced a decision to reopen the country’s oil ports and resume oil exports, after months of closure.