The Social Council of Werfalla Tribes Welcomes Al-Sarraj and Saleh Ceasefire Announcement


The Social Council of the Werfalla Tribes welcomed the declaration of a ceasefire by the Prime Minister of the Government of National Accord (GNA), Fayez Al-Sarraj, and the Speaker of Parliament, Ageela Saleh. It also urged all parties to adhere to it and not violate the ceasefire.

In a statement published on Sunday, the Council thanked all the local and international efforts made to arrange that agreement, stressing the importance of this step to prevent the seizure of the people’s resources.

The Council urged to urgently engage in a political dialogue that includes all the other political trends and currents.

The statement stressed the need for the GNA to participate in a comprehensive dialogue to maintain security and establish laws in the country that turns the conflict into legitimate democratic competition through parliamentary and presidential elections.

The GNA, which is based in the west of the country, announced on Friday morning a ceasefire across the country. It also called for the demilitarisation of the contested strategic cities of Sirte and Al-Jufrah, which are controlled by the Libyan National Army.

In a separate statement, Ageela Saleh also called for a ceasefire. Both administrations called for an end to the oil blockade imposed earlier this year. The Tripoli-based government also called for parliamentary and presidential elections to be held in March.