Algerian Minister of Communication: We Support Political Solution in Libya


Speaking to Sputnik news agency, Algerian Minister of Communication, and Government Spokesman, Ammar Belhimer, said that Algeria welcomes any initiative aimed at building, and uniting the Maghreb region.

Regarding Algeria’s relationship with Morocco and coordination on the Libyan crisis, he said that Algeria supports any initiative based on dialogue and legitimate methods, with complete transparency. Such initiative should respect the privacy and sovereignty of each country, without prejudice to the basic principles of Algerian diplomacy, which is based on non-interference in state affairs.

Belhimer explained that the Libyan issue concerns Libyans only. Algeria supports all efforts that bring the warring parties together for dialogue in order to unify their ranks and preserve the country’s unity. Libya’s return to the international arena, and the elimination of terrorism will give legitimate impetus to the Maghreb Union, he added. Belhimer stressed the rejection of any external or armed intervention that hinders political efforts to return Libya to Libyans.

He also said that the coordination that is taking place between Algeria and Tunisia, aims to repel terrorist groups that are trying to destabilise the region.

Belhimer praised the decades-long economic relations between Algeria and Turkey. He also said that Algiers is always seeking a solution to the Libyan crisis, with any party involved.