German Ambassador Calls Upon Libyan leaders to Seize Ceasefire Opportunity and Remain Cautious


On Saturday, German Ambassador to Libya, Oliver Owcza, expressed his country’s concerns over the current scene in the country with regard to violations against the freedom of expression and assembly.

Owcza retweeted the UN Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL)’s statement regarding the mission’s concerns over human rights violations, including arbitrary arrests and detention, restrictions placed on freedom of movement and expression.

“We join these concerns and call for moderation and respect of fundamental rights,” Owcza tweeted.

“Libyan leaders should act with caution and seize the opportunity created by declarations made on 21 August to make concrete progress towards a ceasefire and the resumption of oil production,” the German Ambassador added.

Earlier, UNSMIL called for “calm, the application of the rule of law and the preservation of the rights of all citizens to peacefully express their views.”

“The prolific use of hate speech and incitement to violence appears designed to further divide Libyans, increase polarisation and tear at the country’s social fabric at the expense of a Libyan-Libyan solution,” UNSMIL added in its statement.