Syndicate of Lawyers in Tripoli Supports Peaceful Demonstrations


The General Syndicate of Lawyers in Tripoli has issued a statement regarding peaceful demonstrators who were attacked and arrested for demanding their primary rights.

According to their statement, the Syndicate of Lawyers asserted that peaceful protests were held in the Court Complex of the Prime Minister’s headquarters to proclaim popular demands. The statement indicated that the Syndicate supports the demands of the Libyan people to end the problems from which they are suffering from.

In its statement, the Syndicate identified several clear demands, including the release of detainees, the improvement of living conditions, the fight against corruption with the prosecution of the corrupt, as well as the speedy completion of a referendum on the constitution and the holding of elections.

The statement also indicated the need to expel all foreign forces from Libya.

On the economy, the statement called for the need to resume oi production and exports, and to prosecute those responsible for blocking the oil sector’s development. It also gave the executive authority a deadline of three months to implement reforms, warning that if it failed to do so, overwhelming demonstrations will take place throughout Libya.

The Syndicate condemned any attempt to politicize or silence protests. It also denounced the decision of the GNA Prime Minister Fayez Al-Sarraj to arrest the Minister of Interior and refer him for investigation.