German Ambassador Praises GNA’s Decision to Allocate 2 Billion Dinars for Municipalities.


On his Twitter account, the German Ambassador to Libya, Oliver Owcza, praised a decision made by the Presidential Council (PC) of the Libyan Government of National Accord (GNA), to allocate 2 billion Libyan dinars for the year 2020 to cover municipalities’ expenditures.

Owcza described the decision as encouraging news, claiming that the German Association for International Cooperation continues to train and provide advice to partner municipalities in budget planning.

The PC also announced the allocation of 1 billion dinars, to be covered by the revenues of the fee imposed on foreign exchange sales. This will be distributed according to the population census for each municipality. This is in addition to another billion dinars for the targeted domestic revenues.

This is part of the framework of the “Support to Municipalities in Libya” program, which is co-financed by the EU and Germany, to support municipalities in Libya. The program was organised in 2019, with a workshop that gathered 16 municipalities across Libya. Its objective is to develop institutional capacities for improved delivery of services at the local level.

The project is intended to provide institutional assessments, institutional development plans, and develop organisational structures and procedures.