Al-Zaidi Describes Oil Agreement as a Positive Step


Mustafa Al-Zaidi, Secretary of the Executive Committee of the Libyan National People’s Movement, described the recent oil production agreement as “a positive step”.

In a statement to Sputnik News Agency, Al-Zaidi added, “This agreement is between Libyan parties without external interference, and it is a promising agreement. Whatever the size of its influence, it shows that if the Libyans decide to sit down and agree, they will agree.”

He stated: “The second important point is that this agreement is related to the lives and suffering of the people. It did not address the sharing of power because of all the tampering by the UN mission, and foreign interference. This is over a political solution that is focused on sharing power, between people who are responsible for our current situation.”

Al-Zaidi welcomed the agreement, saying: “We welcome and support this agreement, and we hope that it will be a starting point for a national dialogue. Libya is now a failed state, and the Libyan citizen lives a very dismal, and miserable life”.

He concluded: “We hope that the agreement will be implemented, but the Libyan crisis is managed by terrorist organisations outside the law.”