Clashes Erupt Between GNA Forces in Tajoura


Eyewitnesses reported that in the early hours of Friday morning violent clashes erupted between GNA forces in the Tajoura district.

Clashes continued for over 6 hours between Al-Daman brigade and the Usood-Tajoura brigade in Tajoura.
The sources confirmed that heavy weapons were used.

The cause of the clashes is believed to be due to the killing of two members of the Lions of Tajoura, by a group from the Daman Brigade. This has led to the closure of the main road in Tajoura. The clashes intensified significantly, after the introduction of battle tanks.

Earlier this month, a number of unidentified gunmen fired at a militia member, Belkassem Ali Al-Hendiri, killing him. The unknown gunmen targeted Al-Hendiri, while in a civilian car. The attack took place on the coastal road in the Garabulli area, in early September. He was buried in the Al-Houmeh cemetery in Tajoura. He was born in 1988 and was a resident of the city of Houn.