Libyan Cargo Trucks Obstructed at Tunisian Border by Protesters


A group of Libyan truck drivers in Tunisia faced difficulties during the past few days after protesters in southern Tunisian cities close to the Libyan border impeded them from transiting. Protesters hope to pressure their government and the government in Tripoli to fully reopen borders.

An official at the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in Libya`s Jabal al-Gharbi district said that the events that truck drivers faced were acts intended to influence the Tunisian government to open the borders with Libya.

The official said that this happens especially since the Tunisian cities located near the border depend mainly on transit traffic.

In press statements Wednesday, representative of the Chamber of Industry, Commerce, and Agriculture, Jabal al-Gharbi explained that border cities, especially on the Tunisian side, have been affected by the closure of the Ra’s Ajdir Crossing Border due to Coronavirus.

The Libyan carriers are mainly working to bring foodstuffs from Tunisia. They have been hindered and prevented from continuing their journey to Libya by the demonstrators who hope to pressure the two governments to open the borders.