Interim Government Prepares for 2nd Sirte Conference


The Prime Minister of Libya’s Interim Government, Abdullah al-Thinni, inspected the latest developments in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, and the latest arrangements for holding the second Sirte conference due on the 10th of October.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs for Libya’s Interim Government, Abdel-Hadi Al-Hwaij stressed that the ministry works in full swing to ensure the success of the conference as required.

Al-Hawaij added that it is a national event and in a Libyan city and a serious attempt to lay down a roadmap to solve the Libyan crisis.

He briefed on the results of the high-level conference and the reality of human rights considering conflicts and wars.

He pointed out the role that the Libyan interim government is playing to promote human rights in Libya, improve the conditions of migrants and places of residence in accordance with international standards.

The Libyan Prime Minister was also informed of the results of the meeting of the Minister of Foreign Affairs with the Honorary Deputy Consul of Sweden in Benghazi.

Al-Hawaij confirmed that, through the honorary ambassador, he called on Swedish companies to work in the reconstruction of Benghazi and the rest of the Libyan cities.

He noted that he assured the ambassador that Libya is witnessing political, security, and administrative stability in the areas administered by the Libyan interim government.