Libya’s Prime Minister Urges Citizens to Comply with Government Measures Regarding COVID-19


On Thursday, the Prime Minister of Libya’s Interim Government, Abdullah Al-Thinni, called on citizens to fully comply with his government’s precautionary measures to prevent a coronavirus outbreak within Libya.

He also urged government officials, notably those in charge of entry-points, not to allow any non-Libyan into the country.

According to Prime Minister Al-Thinni, the Interim Government has enough stockpile of foodstuffs, medicine or medical equipment to face the crisis and will bear the cost of guaranteeing the basic needs of Libyans grounded abroad.

In the same televised speech, he acclaimed Libyans’ awareness and ability to overcome the ongoing crisis, and pointed out the need to comply with government measures, enacted as a precaution to address the threat of a coronavirus outbreak in Libya.