Libyan Parliament Speaker & Interim FM Review Final Arrangements for Second Sirte Conference


On Saturday, the Speaker of Parliament, Ageela Saleh, held a meeting with Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Abdul Hadi Al-Hwaij, to review the latest arrangements for holding the second Sirte conference due on the 10th of October.

In a statement, the parliament’s media advisor, Abdul Hamid Al-Safi, confirmed that Al-Hwaij briefed Saleh on the developments of the Sirte conference. This conference aims to evoke historical memories to support national principles of unity and sovereignty, achieve the independence of Libyan decisions and push for a political solution that ends the Libyan crisis. It also calls for peace, the dismantling of militias and the end of chaos and terrorism.

Al-Safi added that the Speaker of Parliament valued the role played by the Foreign Affairs Ministry, especially considering that the Second Sirte Conference is set to bring together the whole Libyan people and form a national reference that supports all international and regional efforts to resolve the Libyan crisis.

He stated that Al-Hwaij discussed, during the meeting, the importance of expediting the ratification of the political and consular work law, stressing that the ministry works in full swing to ensure the success of the conference as required.

Al-Hwaij concluded that the conference is a national event, held in a Libyan city, and a serious attempt to lay down a roadmap to solve the Libyan crisis.