Fact-Finding Mission Assures Libyan Readiness for Cooperation


The head of the Fact-Finding Mission on Libya, Mohammed Aujjar, revealed that he had received assurances that the Libyan government was ready to cooperate with the mission.

Aujjar added that Tripoli, and other areas, are also ready to receive the mission. He stressed the importance of the cooperation of other parties, so that the mission can reach the entirety of Libya.

The Mission’s head emphasized that the greatest issue they faced, was that of its timetable. He warned that the decision contains a paradox. In fact, the mission is requested to submit a report to the 46th session in March 2021, despite its adoption in June 2020. Therefore, he called for sending the fact-finding mission for a full year.

Aujjar expressed his hope that during this session, the council will be able to make the necessary adjustments to allow the mission to carry out its mandate for a full year.