SOHR: Turkey to Send 600 Syrian Mercenaries to Libya


On Saturday, the Director of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), Rami Abdul Rahman, said that pro-Turkish mercenaries have surprisingly been sent back to Libya after Ankara had returned about 9,300 of these Libyan-based mercenaries to Turkey and Syria.

Abdul Rahman added that those mercenaries have lent their services to Erdogan. He said that 600 fighters were told that they will go to Libya to work for security guard companies and will have no part in any fighting.

Abdul Rahman pointed out that this situation may be akin to what had happened earlier to Syrian mercenaries brought to protect government installations or guard military bases in Libya. Such fighters were actually lied to and were brought to fight on the first lines of battles against the Libyan National Army.

The SOHR director explained that some factions have refused to go and fight in Armenia, except for some who remain blindly loyal to Erdogan.