Maltese Company Involved in Smuggling Activities to Libya


Malta’s intelligence has showed that a local company, Agius Brothers, has ties to organised crime groups with interests in several smuggling activities in Libya, Malta Times newspaper reported.

Confidential information indicates that Robert and Adrian Agius are connected to Libyan, Italian, Romanian and even Albanian organised crime groups, according to the newspaper.

The confidential information indicates that the Agius brothers have both been subjects of law enforcement investigations throughout Europe.

Intelligence has linked them to other Italians who run the logistical side of an arms trafficking operation between Europe and Africa.

In September, Italy’s financial police found about 700,000 contraband cigarettes and several boxes of Cialis, a medication for erectile dysfunction. All the contraband was bought when the Caprera was moored in Tripoli from March to July 2018 as part of an anti-people-smuggling mission by the Italian navy.