UK Seizes Libyan Oil Tanker


The UK military has seized control of a Libyan-registered oil tanker in the English Channel. The tanker’s crew reported they had stowaways onboard, who had become verbally abusive.

Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar recently announced the resumption of oil production and export “As long as funds are not used to finance terrorism”. Libya’s daily oil production was more than 1.2 million bpd before the blockade that took place in January.

On Friday, the Nordic Tinder oil tanker arrived at the Marsa Hariqa oil terminal. It is preparing to export one million barrels of crude oil from Libya. According to the platforms of the General Company for Towing, Rescue and Marine Services, four pilot tugs have been docked at the pier.

In September, the technical teams in Hariqa began export operations for the first time since January. It received the first tanker ‘Delta Hills’, which shipped 1,000,000 barrels of crude oil.