Libyan MP Condemns Qatar and Turkey’s Lack of Desire for Peace in Libya


Member of the Libyan Parliament, Ali Al-Saeedi, discussed the recent signing of the security agreement between Qatar, and the Tripoli-based Government of National Accord (GNA). He implied that there is no real desire by Turkey and Qatar to settle the Libyan issue through peaceful and diplomatic means.

He said that a solution through dialogue is almost non-existent, and that this is mainly due to the “large amount of hatred in these two countries.”

“Qatar and Turkey covet the resources of the Libyans and seek to spread chaos and terrorism in the world, starting from Libya. They are seeking to return Libya to chaos,” he added.

Notably, the GNA announced on Monday that it had signed a security cooperation agreement with Qatar. This was following an official visit to Doha by the GNA’s Foreign Minister, and Interior Minister.