Libyan Rivals to Meet in Morocco


Morocco will host a third meeting between Libya’s rival parties. Delegations from the Tripoli-based High Council of State (HCS), and the eastern-based Libyan Parliament are set to meet this week.

Thirteen members from each side are meeting with the aim of finalizing the agreement on sovereign positions. These were previously agreed upon by the committees of the (5+5) Joint Military Commission (JMC).

The Speaker of Parliament, Ageela Saleh, and the Prime Minister of the Government of National Accord (GNA), Fayez Al-Sarraj, approved the agreed upon results.

The HCS member, Muhammad Moazab, revealed that the agenda for the meeting has not yet been set. “However, the idea to hold a meeting with the two committees came based on mechanisms that would help in reaching consensus on the presidential, and executive authority,” he said.

Moazeb added that an agreement had previously been reached, that would lead to organise a referendum for the proposed draft constitution.

Another HCS member, Saad Bin Sharrada, told Sputnik that the aim of the meeting is to consult on the political track, and the upcoming dialogue in Tunis. He indicated that these same committees would participate in Tunis.