African Union Ready to Support Libya’s Ceasefire Agreement


On Wednesday, the African Union (AU) Commissioner for Peace and Security, Ismail Chergui, expressed the Commission’s support for Libya’s ceasefire agreement. This was signed in Geneva on 20 October, under the auspices of the United Nations.

In a briefing presented to the council, Chergui stressed the necessity of reaching a Libyan-led solution, with the support of the international community.

He reiterated the AU’s support for the Libyan people, the need for the full implementation of the ceasefire on the ground, in addition to promoting national reconciliation between the two parties.

Rival Libyan military officers have agreed on a roadmap for implementing the deal reached last month, according to the UN’s acting envoy to Libya, Stephanie Williams.

The announcement came after a meeting of the 5+5 Joint Military Commission (JMC) to discuss the details of the agreement. They agreed to “Establish a military subcommittee to oversee the withdrawal of military forces to their respective bases, and the departure of foreign forces from the front lines,” Williams said.

The commission also decided to “meet in Sirte as soon as possible,” and make the central coastal city its headquarters, Williams added.

Talks took place in the remote desert oasis of Ghadames, some 465 kilometres (290 miles) southwest of the Tripoli. Williams said that a meeting on reunifying the Petroleum Facilities Guards (PFG) would so be held on 16 November at the Brega terminal.

It was also announced that air links are due to be restored “immediately” with the southern cities of Ghadames and Sebha.

The JMC also urged the UN Security Council to “quickly adopt a binding resolution to implement the Geneva ceasefire agreement,” Williams added.