Libyan Women Set Their Demands in Political Dialogue


On Sunday, the Libyan women participating in the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum in Ghadames presented their conditions for forming an executive government.

In a statement, they said: “Women are a true national partner in promoting peace, peaceful dialogue, and rebuilding the Libyan state on the foundations of sovereignty, unity, civil peace, national reconciliation, justice, and equal opportunities between the sons and daughters of the nation.”

They demanded that the formation of the executive authority takes into account the importance of representation of women in leadership positions with a quota of 30%. They explained that all guarantees of competence, including technical expertise, educational qualification, and integrity must be taken into account in this quota.

The female participants have demanded to ensure respect for the rights of women belonging to the various cultural components of Libyan society. They called for participation in political life in a way that guarantees the contribution of Libyan women and public benefit from their competencies.

The statement demanded that when designating the two deputy prime ministers, it be taken into consideration that one of the two deputies be a woman, in order to consolidate and activate the principle of women’s participation in decision-making and state-building.

The statement added, “The Women Empowerment Unit should also be reconfigured and activated to consist of 3 women with experience in the field.”

The statement called for the state to fulfil its ratified international obligations and the conventions and treaties relating to the rights and protection of women.

“There is also a need to take necessary measures to address and eliminate discrimination against women, especially survivors of conflict-related violence,” the statement noted. They asked to establish mechanisms for professional and social integration as well as economic empowerment and to provide psycho-social and legal support services for women who are survivors of gender-based violence.

The Libyan women urged the necessity of providing special protection for women, especially political and human rights actors and activists, through the development and implementation of national laws to combat and eliminate all forms of violence against women.

They recommended that the formation of the National Unity Government considers efficiency, merit, and equitable representation of political and geographical diversity, and ensures the participation of cultural components.

They stressed the importance of true representation of youth and demanded that their representation is not less than 20% of leadership positions in the National Unity Government.