UNSMIL Announces Libyan Political Talks to Resume in a Week


The UN-brokered political talks between Libyan rivals ended without reaching a firm agreement. The talks are over mechanisms for choosing a new government. The UN Support Mission in Libya’s (UNSMIL) Acting Head, Stephanie Williams, announced that political consultations would resume after a week. The meeting will be held via video conference.

Williams said in a press conference, on Sunday evening, that it was agreed to continue the political dialogue because it is “the only solution to the Libyan crisis.” Williams added, “We will continue to work on this mechanism. We are going to discuss this in a meeting coming up next week, I expect that a decision will be made very shortly to select the members.”

The aims of the meeting are to reach a consensus for selecting the new members of the Presidential Council, the Government of National Unity, as well as an agreement on the names of those who will assume senior positions.

On Monday 9th November, the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF), which was described as a “historic opportunity for peace in Libya,” was launched in Tunisia. This was with the aim of reaching a comprehensive political agreement to end the crisis. However, major differences over positions threaten to undermine all these efforts led by the UN