Libyan Custom Authorities Issue New Regulations on Imports


Libya’s GNA’s Customs Authority announced on Sunday that no goods outside the banking payment mechanism of the Central Bank of Libya (CBL) will be allowed into the country.

In a statement, it indicated that the grace period for the import of goods will continue, until the 31st of December. There is no obligation to adhere to the banking payment mechanisms in force, through CBL and other banks established under Resolution 707 of 2019.

The statement added that the authority is keen to implement the terms and conditions, in addition to the decisions issued. “It works to preserve the national economy and provide the best services in a way that ensures the flow of goods through customs ports,” it said.

The authority is also keen not to accumulate goods in customs hangars. This is to ensure their normal flow, as well as to ensure the provision of necessary goods to citizens.

The authority called upon all suppliers, freight forwarders, and carriers to abide by this decision. It stressed that the supplier bear full responsibility for what may result from violating the decision, and that the customs authority will not bear any legal responsibility.