Tunisia Seizes Smuggling Vehicles Along Libyan Border


On Monday, Tunisian military units along the southeast border with Libya managed to thwart the smuggling of 88,000 packs of cigarettes, and a large quantity of tea. The total value of the goods is estimated at 180,000 dinars. This occurred in the south-eastern regions of Dhahiba, Al-Murra, Jenin, Lazart, and Manzala.

In a statement, the units added that the drivers were arrested and delivered to the Border Guard Forces to take legal measures against them.

They also pointed out that a further six Tunisian smugglers coming from Libya with 8,500 packets of cigarettes were arrested. It has been announced that the seized quantity will be handed over to the concerned bodies, which will take the necessary actions.

Libya has long been a major hub for illegal migrants, and smugglers. Migration and smuggling have boomed in the years following the 2011 ouster of Muammar Gaddafi.