Former Libyan Diplomat Warns Against New “Militias”


On Wednesday, the former Libyan Foreign Ministry Undersecretary, Hassan Al-Sagheer, said that all Libyans must be completely united against arming entities outside the Libyan armed forces, regardless of their name or affiliation.

In a press statement, Al-Sagheer warned of manipulative policies adopted by leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) group, calling on concerned Libyan bodies to be fully aware of their practices and take all precautions before engaging with them in talks.

He added that the Libyan military establishment is accustomed to using strict policies in dealing with terrorist organisations, headed by the Muslim Brotherhood which always has political conspiracies during negotiations.

The former diplomat called on all Libyans to draw attention and try to disclose their dubious goals, adding that the MB group also relies on launching incitement campaigns against Arab countries, especially Egypt, to destabilize the economy and gain the approval of the Turkish regime that provides a safe haven for all the terrorist groups in the region.

Last week, the head of Libyan Media Office, Mohamed Baio, said that the Commander of the Western Military Zone, Osama Al-Juwaili, had arrested him without any legal basis.

In press statements, Baio alleged that the Muslim Brotherhood was behind the incitement to arrest him. This is due to the involvement of some of their leaders in corruption cases. He stressed that he will not stop exposing corruption in the media sector.