Greece Condemns Turkeys East Mediterranean Actions


On Saturday, the Greek Foreign Ministry condemned Turkey’s new illegal Navtex (Navigational Telex) advisory on prolonging seismic research in the disputed waters of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea.

“Greece condemns this provocative attitude anew, an attitude which dulls any prospect of a constructive dialogue. Greece calls on Turkey to immediately revoke the illegal NAVTEX,” the ministry said in a statement.

The ministry also pointed out that Turkey continues to ignore calls from the European Union and the international community to halt provocative actions in the disputed waters of the Mediterranean.

Earlier in the day, the Turkish navy’s Office of Navigation, Hydrography and Oceanography said that the country’s “Oruc Reis” research vessel would continue its seismic exploration in waters near the Greek islands of Rhodes and Kastellorizo, until November 29, as the current Navtex advisory expires on Monday. According to the new Navtex, “Oruc Reis” will conduct research along with “Ataman” and “Cengizhan” vessels.

Turkey has been engaged in a long-standing maritime border dispute with Greece and Cyprus over the size of their exclusive economic zones in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Athens and Nicosia have voiced their strong objection to the presence of Turkish exploration vessels in waters that both Greece and Cyprus claim to be part of their respective exclusive economic zones. The scramble for exclusive rights to the area is exacerbated by the presence of considerable gas deposits in the region.