US Expresses Support for Libya’s Indigenous People


On Monday, US Ambassador to Libya Richard Norland held telephone discussions with leaders of the Amazigh Supreme Council to discuss the country’s political process.

In a statement, the Ambassador emphasized the United States’ firm belief in the rights and interests of Libya’s indigenous people. Norland stressed that, as with all of the country’s citizens, they must be represented and protected.

“As part of the policy of wide-ranging engagement with Libyans, the US Embassy will continue ongoing discussions with Amazigh leaders as well as other leaders from communities across the country and Libya’s diaspora abroad”, Norland said.

The second round of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF) began on Monday via video conference, according to a statement by the UN Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL).

The meeting aims to reach a consensus for selecting the new members of the Presidential Council and the new unity government. It also seeks to conclude with an agreement an agreement on which individuals will assume senior positions in state institutions going forward.

“The meeting aims at reaching a comprehensive political agreement to end the crisis”, UNSMIL said last week. UNSMIL’s acting head has called on Libyan officials and the Libyan people not to allow “those who insist and fight by all means to keep the situation as it is, and to steal this opportunity from the Libyans”.