Italian Foreign Minister Says Libya’s Stability Is Part of Italy’s Security


On Wednesday, Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio reiterated that the security and stability of Libya is an absolute priority for Rome, describing Libya’s stability as part of Italy’s security.

During the inaugural session of the annual Mediterranean Dialogues Forum, Di Maio said “it remains necessary to achieve the goal of ensuring the unity, integrity, and sovereignty of the country”. He called for a comprehensive political solution to benefit all Libyans.

The Italian Foreign Minister pointed out that Italy has launched a roadmap for a comprehensive solution to the crisis. “The roadmap is to establish a new executive authority, representing all regions of Libya, and holding fair parliamentary and presidential elections on 24 December, 2021”, he said.

Di Maio claimed that recent developments in the North African country were positive, adding that “it is important that they are accompanied and supported by similar developments in the security field”.