Greece Calls for EU Action Against Turkey


Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias called on European leaders to set clear limits on what actions they will tolerate from Turkey as frictions increase in the eastern Mediterranean.

Dendias told Bloomberg that the EU will need to undertake new measures to curb Turkish “delinquent and provocative policy”, adding that “Europe must show the limits of that behavior, as it’s against everything the EU stands for”.

Greek authorities have also asked their European partners, including Germany, to halt weapons sales to Turkey. Athens has called on its European peers to respect the bloc’s mutual defense clause, which commits members to assist “by all means” if another EU state is a victim of armed aggression.

On Tuesday, the EU Foreign Policy Chief Josep Borrell said that European leaders “will have to make a decision” on whether to adopt more sanctions.

Tensions between Greece and Turkey are at an all time high as Ankara continues to conduct oil and gas exploration in a contested part of the Mediterranean.