About 10,000 Libyans Entered Tunisia Since the Opening of Ras Jedir Border Crossing


On Monday, the National Office of Land Border Crossings announced that passenger and vehicle traffic is smooth at the Ras Jedir border crossing between Libya and Tunisia.

In a statement, it said that 9,910 travellers from Libya have entered Tunisia between 14-24 November. 3,305 cars and 849 trucks have also been travelling to Tunisia through the crossing.

The office also stated that, “8,901 passengers, 2,641 cars, and 456 trucks left Tunisia to Libya via the same border crossing during the same period.”

Two weeks ago, the Ras Jedir Border Crossing resumed its operations and opened for travellers in both directions after more than seven months of closure caused by the spread of COVID-19.

The opening of the crossing comes after joint Tunisian-Libyan negotiations. The resumption of the cross-border activity was carried out in accordance with a specific joint health protocol, set by the Tunisian and Libyan authorities, to prevent the spread of the virus.