Benghazi Authorities Launch New Service to Clampdown on Criminals


On Saturday, the Joint Security Room of Greater Benghazi Area launched the “Ballagh Report” service to receive complaints and reports from Libyan citizens.

During its meeting today, the security room said that the service will be available through a hotline number that would be set by Libyana and Almadar mobile phone companies in coordination with the General Authority for Communications and Informatics of the Libyan Interim Government.

The security room’s meeting was attended by the Chief of the General Staff and the Security Room’s Head, Lieutenant-General Abdel Razek Al-Nadhouri, Minister of Interior Ibrahim Bushnaf and the heads of the security and military agencies in the city of Benghazi, including the head of the General Authority for Communications and Informatics, Salem Al-Dorsi.

In an official statement by the Benghazi Room, it stated that the step aims to involve the public in societal security by reporting wanted persons or suspects.

It also announced that the step will include representatives from various military and security units that are members of the Security Room at the Benghazi Security Directorate.

The head of the Communications Authority stated that all reports will be kept secret to prevent any information leaks, confirming that all false reports will be monitored immediately.

In its statement, the Room called on all citizens to enjoy the spirit of responsibility and take part in the security initiative that aims to eliminate all criminals and terrorists, stating that maintaining security is a collective responsibility that must be dominated by a spirit of cooperation to monitor all crimes or legal violations.

The room’s head confirmed that some units of the Libyan National Army (LNA) would play a supportive role along with the Interior Ministry’s bodies in ensuring security and bringing all criminals to justice.