Libya Central Bank Condemns Travel Ban Decision


The Central Bank of Libya (CBL) condemned the decision by Fathi Bashagha, the Minister of Interior, to impose a travel ban on Sadiq Al-Kabeer, the CBL’s Governor. It rejected the ban, describing it as “null and void.”

In a statement, the CBL said that Bashagha’s decision was arbitrary, and illegal, declaring it a form of power abuse and a violation of Supreme Judicial Council provisions. “It is also a form of prejudice towards a sovereign institution affiliated with the legislative authority,” the statement read.

The statement explained that Bashagha should have respect for the law and national institutions, stressing that the “illegal decision” will not deter the CBL and its governor. “This decision is an obstruction to the extraordinary efforts made by the bank, represented by its governor, to adjust the exchange rate of the Libyan dinar and unify the CBL’s board of directors,” Al-Kabeer added.

The bank confirmed that it will not hesitate to take legal steps to preserve the institution’s integrity. Notably, Al-Kabeer submitted a complaint to the Attorney General, saying the decision was “illegal and harmful to the state’s legislative institutions.”

“When I was going to travel on an official mission on Thursday, I was shocked that my name was included in the travel ban list. This was on the order of the Interior Minister, Fathi Bashagha,” Al-Kabeer said in his complaint.

The governor called on the Attorney General to “take the powers vested in the law regarding this matter.”