Arab Parliament Reaffirms Support for Libyan Stability


The Arab Parliament’s Speaker, Adel Abdel-Rahman Al-Asoumi, said on Saturday that the Parliament supports Libya’s stability and rejects external interference in its affairs.

He added: “We also support the security and stability of Iraq in the face of external interference.” During a press conference, Al-Asoumi said: “We will monitor the Iraqi situation, as well as the political and security situation and the efforts made by different countries to confront terrorism.”

He pointed out that the Arab Parliament also supported the efforts made by the Iraqi government to restore security and stability, and collect weapons in the country, commenting: “The Arab Parliament welcomes the existing dialogue between the Iraqi government to solve the outstanding issues and achieve justice.”

On Tuesday, Al-Asoumi said that in May the Arab Parliament launched two initiatives to confront Turkish and Iranian interventions in the Arab world.

“I am optimistic at the current stage. The Libyan-led dialogue sessions give us great hope and we are well aware that the Libyan people can solve their problems themselves, with Arab support”, Al-Asoumi said during an interview with Al-Ain News.

“Indeed, the ongoing negotiations are consolidating a comprehensive Libyan reconciliation aimed at the security and stability of the country,” he added.

The Speaker stated that “Libyan dialogue will not succeed and the suffering of the Libyans and their reunification will not end before Turkey leaves the country. The Turkish government is practicing real violations against the state’s sovereignty. It is playing a dangerous role inside Libya with the support of certain parties so as not to reach an end to the crisis.”