France Hails Libyan Parliament for Supporting Peace Process


France’s Ambassador to Libya, Beatrice Le Fraper du Hellen, reiterated her country’s keenness to support stability in Libya and stressed the importance of the Libyan Parliament’s role in supporting the peace process.

The French ambassador discussed over the phone the latest political developments with Youssef Al-Agouri, the head of the Foreign Committee of the Libyan Parliament.

The two sides also discussed ways to support efforts to calm down and stabilize the permanent ceasefire in Libya, as well as find a solution to the crisis through political dialogue.

Al-Agouri warned of the danger that escalation in Libya represents for the stability and security of the southern Mediterranean and the Sahel region. He also reviewed the work of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Parliament on the issue of illegal immigration.

Al-Agouri stressed the importance of creating appropriate conditions for the success of the elections, most notably addressing the security situation. At the same time, he stressed the importance of joint coordination with France to support stability in Libya.

He expressed the Parliament’s keenness to strengthen relations with France in all fields, especially the important role the embassy plays in these circumstances to enhance cooperation with the Libyan side.