Egypt Contacts Libyan Red Crescent over Body Transfer of 5 Egyptians


On Sunday, an official source in the Libyan Red Crescent announced that the Egyptian authorities had been in contact regarding the transfer of the bodies of 4 Egyptian children and one adult who were thrown by the sea on Libyan coast.

The five Egyptians died after a boat that was carrying them to Italy sank.

The source pointed out that the Egyptian consul will be present at the Ras Jedir border crossing with Tunisia, where the victims will be transported to Egypt via Tunisia.

Notably, four Egyptian children have drowned along with their families as they were migrating illegally from Libya to Italy, according to Hassan Albi, an official from the Libyan Red Crescent.

On Thursday, Albi added in statements to Youm7 newspaper that the Egyptian families had been living in Sabratha city, in the west of the country.

However, the Red Crescent received a notification about the disappearance of two Egyptian families residing in the city of Sabratha. Albi explained that the two families tried to immigrate to Italy, but the boat carrying them capsized. He indicated that the children included an Egyptian girl aged 5 and three children between 7 and 10.

The Libyan official indicated that the Red Crescent in Zawiya city is carrying out several operations to search for other missing family members. Up to 25 people were on board the boat.

Egypt has not recorded any case of illegal immigration since 2016 according to Egypt’s presidency spokesperson, Bassam Rady.

A month ago, a boat carrying dozens of illegal migrants capsized off the Libyan coast, resulting in 100 victims.