Egypt Invites Libyan MPs to Hold Talks


Egypt called on members of the Libyan Parliament to convene in Cairo to bridge the gap between the parties and preserve the unity of the parliament.

Ibrahim Al-Dorsi, an MP said that the head of Egyptian intelligence Major General Abbas Kamel, stressed during his meeting with the Libyan Parliament Speaker and MPs in Benghazi, the need to preserve the cohesion of the national current in parliament led by Ageela Saleh.

Kamel reiterated Egypt’s endless support for Libya, adding that the Libyans can restore security and stability in their country and completely rid themselves of terrorism.

Saleh welcomed Egypt’s role in Libya, emphasising the need for Egyptian companies to return to work, invest, and participate in the reconstruction of the liberated cities in the country.

Last Saturday, Saleh held a meeting with Kamel to discuss ways of achieving a comprehensive settlement of the Libyan crisis in coordination with the United Nations, and the international community.

During the talks, they discussed the latest developments in the ongoing situation, and the need to push Egyptian-Libyan bilateral relations at all levels in the coming period.