LPDF Members Call on UN to Expel Mercenaries from Libya


On Saturday, half of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum’s (LPDF) members called on the United Nations’ Security Council to expel all foreign mercenaries and remove Turkish military bases from Libya, in addition to ending all forms of foreign interference in the country.

In a statement, a total of 36 out of 74 LPDF members stressed the need to prevent arms and mercenaries from flowing into the North African country. They added that arms exports and mercenaries violate the political agreement, the constitutional declaration, and have negative repercussions that drag the country into further conflict.

The LPDF members also called upon Libyan political elites to work together to reach consensual political solutions to preserve the unity, sovereignty, and stability of their country.

The LPDF members also call for a national reconciliation committee to be formed in order to facilitate a comprehensive national reconciliation, as a main basis for the new executive authority program, and in accordance with the necessary measures that ensure fair participation of all Libyan classes.

They urged the Libyan people to support the outcomes of the LPDF as a step for achieving constitutional legitimacy through the holding of presidential and parliamentary elections set for December 24, 2021.

The names of the signatories to the statement included: Umm Al-Ezz Al-Farsi, Ziad Saleh Daghim, Abdul Majeed Al-Maliktha, Ahmed Al-Sharkasy, Ali Kashir, Abdul-Razzaq Al-Aradi, Abu Bakr Misbah, Omar Abu Pulifa, Ramadan Al-Senussi, Muhammad Al-Lafi, Ali Abdulaziz, Abdullah Othman Abdul Rahim, Muhammad Abu Ajila Al-Ghaddi, Faiq Dana, Ali Abounjim, Mansour Abbak Al-Hasadi, Badr Al-Naheeb, Al-Shaibani Abdullah Al-Shaibani, Fawzi Rajab Al-Aqab, Abu Bakr Awaidat Omar, Hassan Al-Zarqa, Musa Faraj, Abdul Jalil Al-Shawash, Moaz Al-Manfukh, Sabah Douma, Anas Idris Al-Hamri, Muhammad Al-Ajili Al-Hasnawi, Hussein Al-Ansari, Masoud Al-Mesmari, Boubaker Issa, Masoud Omar Al-Orfi, Muhammad Misbah Al-Barghouti, Fathi Arhuma, Muhammad Moftah Takala, Abdul Qadir Omar Hawili and Al-Qasim Muhammad Al-Nimr.