Libyan MP Says Libya Will Not Stabilize Until Turkey’s Mercenaries Leave


Ali Al-Takbali, a member of the Libyan parliament’s Defence and Security Committee, stated that the situation in Libya will remain fragile and will not stabilize until Turkish forces leave, including Turkish-affiliated mercenaries.

In press statements, Al-Takbali added that Turkey will spare no effort until it defeats all those in the Libyan arena. He argued that Ankara is bringing fighters and preparing militias to turn against one another, while commenting that the type of weapons that Turkey brought to Libya are not defensive ones but very sophisticated offensive weapons.

The Libyan MP warned of the motives, repercussions and outcomes of the meeting of the leaders of the Government of National Accord’s (GNA) forces in Turkey.

He pointed out that this upcoming meeting comes in the midst of the arrangements that Turkey is making to tighten its control over Libya.

He added that Turkey is bringing its aides from leaders of the GNA’s forces in an effort to contain all the forces deployed in Libya.

Al-Takbali ruled out the possibility that Turkey would attack the oil crescent in the coming days. On the other hand, he stressed that Turkey would not accept sharing its influence in Libya with any other country.