Libyan Health Minister Inaugurates Two Healthcare Centres in Benghazi


On Saturday, the Government of National Accord (GNA)’s Minister of Health, Saad Akoub, inaugurated the Sidi Younes Health Centre in Benghazi after the completion of recent maintenance work.

The opening ceremony was attended by the Special Representative of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) at the Libya Office, Abdelkader Moussa, the Director of the Benghazi Health Services Department, Nasser Mukhtar Al-Kadiki, and the Head of the Local Council. A number of office directors and heads of departments, as well as employees of the Benghazi Health Services Department and notables of the region also participated.

The Minister also inaugurated the Shabna Health Centre after maintenance tasks had taken place and the provision of primary healthcare services resumed. During the opening ceremony some certificates of gratitude and appreciation were presented.

The Director of the Benghazi Health Services Department thanked all those who contributed to the maintenance and preparatory work. He expressed his gratitude to all employees of the Benghazi Health Services Department and its health facilities, and the people of the region.

The primary healthcare services provided in the two centres include a variety of amenities. The healthcare centres provide health education programs focusing on motherhood and childhood, as well as school health programs.

They also include vaccinations and the provision of clinics for gynaecological, paediatric, dermatological, dental and nutritional services. Lastly, the two centres now also include a medical analysis laboratory, an ambulance service, and a pharmacy.