Libya’s Attorney General Denies Release of Libyan Human Trafficker


On Wednesday, the Media Office of the Attorney General denied the release of notorious Libyan human trafficker, Abdulrahman Milad, also known as “Al-Bidja.”

The Office confirmed that Al-Bidja remains in custody, and under investigation.

In October 2020, security forces from the Government of National Accord (GNA) arrested Al-Bidja in Tripoli. He has been on the UN Security Council’s Sanctions Committee list since June 2018, for his involvement in human trafficking and fuel smuggling. He was also subject to a special bulletin by Interpol, and an arrest warrant was issued in April 2019 by the Tripoli Public Prosecution Office. All were based on similar charges of human trafficking and fuel smuggling.

Al-Bidja has a long record of human trafficking crimes in western Libya. Born in 1990 in the city of Zawiya, he worked as a lieutenant officer in the Coast Guard, heading the western region. He was also the head of a militia based in Zawiya, known for human trafficking.

Al-Bidja was placed under sanctions by the UN Security Council for crimes against humanity. This includes human trafficking, mistreatment and torture of detained migrants, and the systematic sinking of migrant boats resulting in the death of dozens.