Libyan Electricity Company Reports Theft of Thousands of Meters of Copper Wire


On Saturday, the General Electricity Company in Libya (GECOL) announced that over 3,600 meters of copper wire were stolen in western Libya.

GECOL explained in a statement that 2,550 meters of copper wire were looted from the Zliten Distribution Department, near Tripoli.

The company stated that the theft had disconnected the feed to about 70 transformers.

It added that 1,050 meters of copper wire were also stolen from the Al Jafara Distribution Department.

The company condemned the continued attacks on various components of its electrical network and stressed the need to put an end to this phenomenon.

The theft of copper wires has led to additional losses for the company and power outages in a number of homes.

GECOL has noted that acts of theft, looting, and attacks against the electrical network have increased significantly in multiple regions across Libya.

Criminal groups often steal copper wire and resell it on the black market.