Libya’s Election Committee Discusses Enhancing Women’s Participation


The Chairman of the High National Elections Commission (HNEC) Emad Al-Sayeh held a meeting with the female representatives of the preparatory committee to establish the Libyan Women’s Union. He discussed issues related to women’s electoral participation, and ways to enhance it in cooperation with civil society organizations concerned with women.

In a press briefing, the commission stated that the meeting reviewed the features of the women’s electoral awareness plan and the possibility of involving the union in implementing a package of future programs and activities aimed at enhancing women’s participation.

Al-Sayeh confirmed that the commission was reliant on the civil society sector for the success of its awareness plans and programs. He noted that the Libyan Women Union project, which will bring together a wide range of women’s organizations will have an effective role in the success of the awareness campaigns for the elections scheduled for December 2021.

The meeting also discussed the cooperation mechanism for the success of the elections of the Women’s Union in its next session, and the advisory support that the commission will provide in this context.