Libya Warns of Flour Shortage


On Saturday, the Director of the Libya’s Flour Milling and Animal Feed Company, Jamal Juili, warned of an acute flour shortage in Libya. He explained that the company’s mills have only produced limited quantities of flour that do not exceed 170 tons.

In press statements, Juili cited the lack of economic policies to maintain a strategic stock of flour as the cause of the flour shortage crisis.

Juili added that the price of a quintal of flour (100 kilograms) increased from 130 Libyan Dinars to 250 Libyan Dinars, warning that the price of flour will continue to rise due to the lack of supply in the market.

Last week, the General Union of Bakers in Tripoli shut down all bakeries in the city due to increased prices of bread ingredients. The Food and Drug Control Centre (FDCC) of the Government of National Accord (GNA) announced an agreement to bring the price of bread back to its previous level.

The decision was taken to avoid what observers have described as a “bread revolt” that risks erupting throughout the country at any moment as a result of the widespread anger among Libyans about the sudden rise in the price of bread.