Leaked Documents Reveal GNA Interior Minister’s Corruption


Leaked documents revealed that the Interior Minister of Libya’s Government of National Accord (GNA), Fathi Bashagha awarded contracts to his son’s company, without releasing an open tender. The contracts were reportedly worth tens of millions of Libyan dinars.

Bashagha had allegedly directed the GNA’s Interior Ministry to contract with his son’s company, Al-Faiah Holding Co., to import police uniforms from Turkey, worth 33 million Libyan dinars.

The Ministry established the Al-Faiah Company, and accredited it as the sole agent to the South Korean car giant, Hyundai. About 600 Hyundai cars were purchased, with the order also including 60 other heavy-duty vehicles such as trucks, buses, bulldozers, and excavators.

Al-Faiah, which is affiliated with the MoI, requested Seoul to let Hyundai approve it as the exclusive agent in the North African country. According to the Al-Marsad news website, the documents also showed Bashagha’s request to appoint Hussein Jarud, a close friend as a representative of Al-Faiah Company.

Moreover, the documents revealed that the minister requested from the Head of the Audit Bureau to authorize a purchase of 30 armoured cars, worth more than €20.6 million euros, which were transferred to an account in Lebanon.

Ministry employees filed a complaint against Bashagha, accusing him of profiting from his position.