37 Electricity-Generating Units out of Order in Tripoli


The Libyan State Audit Institution (SAI) revealed that 37 electricity generation units were out of order in Tripoli, from a total of 84 in the city’s power stations.

According to a statement by SAI, the total production of power plants and units currently stands at about 5,740 MW, with a total production capacity of 11,000 MW.

Head of the SAI, Khaled Ahmed Shakshak expected the production of the General Electricity Company of Libya (GECOL) would decrease in the summer by 25%-30%, due to the high temperatures.

Shakshak added that the public electricity network is in a critical state, and requires urgent addressing before the summer peak. He pointed out that the new management of GECOL was able to carry out some maintenance work, adding about a 1,000 MW to the grid. Simultaneously, it lost production units of approximately the same capacity.