Libyan Arrested in Malta over Knife Fight


On Tuesday, a Libyan national was arrested by Maltese authorities for his involvement in a violent fight, according to Malta Today newspaper.

The newspaper stated that the 33-year-old-year, Faris Al-Shaibani used a knife in the quarrel that occurred in the district of Saint Julian. The primary investigations revealed that Al-Shaibani used a spring-loaded knife in the fight over money. He was accused of attacking and injuring a woman and two men, and disobeying police orders.

The newspaper also added that the indictment included carrying a knife in a public place without a permit, and disobeying his previous bail. His lawyer, Anne-Marie Cottagar filed an acquittal and made a request for his release on bail.

The public prosecution objected to a provisional release, saying that the accused has already ignored the conditions of his previous bail, and proved to be untrustworthy to be released.